Monday, May 26, 2014


We just got back from an amazing vacation to the Bahamas, and what an amazing time we had! First of all, my parents. Oi. They SO generously brought us with them (probably not fully knowing/remembering that it's mildly stressful traveling with a baby). Second of all, the Atlantic Ocean. Why is it so warm? I know why, scientifically, but why?! We live in San Diego all year long, and as beautiful as it is, our ocean is freezing cold and murky as all get out. At least we have waves, Conrad would say. Hardly a ripple on the eastern side. 
Alright, now down to business. We flew to Miami and hopped on a cruise ship, where we stayed overnight and woke up in the Bahamas. Henry was just so flexible and good-natured the whole time (which he always is, so I don't know why I was surprised). To keep his schedule from getting too wonky, we kept his home-time bedtime, which meant he stayed up late with us. Our nursing schedule got a little messed up, but that was to be expected. He had his first real bonk, which scared the bajeebees right out of me, and I didn't put him down for the rest of the day. All is well now, he just had a little bruise on his nose and it healed before the trip was even over.
We did all kinds of embarrassing and hilarious tourist stuff some of it really fun (the banana boat tour) and some of it not (the duck boat tour of Ft. Lauderdale, but that was mostly because our tour guide had the most grating voice...). We ate pretty good food most of the time. Zorbas was this good Greek place where we ate twice, and Pisces. Pisces! I don't think anyone liked it as much as me. They had this white pizza with veggies and pineapple and homemade alfredo sauce. Ugh. I've been dreaming about it ever since. 
Quick aside: Conrad and I have been eating what I like to call partial-paleo the last few weeks, and I've learned a couple things. Once my system flushed, I was totally fine without sweets. However, my cravings for pizza were way amplified, and that's the "bad food" I crave now. So. Pisces' pizza, you see. Amazing.
We also did this cave tour. Turns out, two small caves doesn't really measure up to the caverns and clear-water pits of Yellowstone, but the beach they took us to afterwards? That was kind of ridiculous. Like, everyone's fantasy beach. The water was shallow for a quarter mile, and totally clear and turquoise, and the sand was white and there were big driftwood trees where we set up a little camp. That is my Bahamas. 
Now to talk about sleeping babies. Because Henry is only crawling, we held him a lot on this trip. We didn't have our normal luxuries like a high chair or crib, so he ate and slept in our arms a lot of the time, too. It was so sweet to be able to snuggle him like we did when he was a newborn, especially for Conrad, who never held him as much as I did anyway. My mama cup was filled to the brim with baby-holding, and I loved it. 
Our hotel had this one, sort of secret infinity pool that overlooked the ocean about thirty feet away. It had a ten-foot shelf for lounge chairs, so you were actually in the pool, but dry. So relaxing and pretty! 
We had a really incredible time! I'm in the process of uploading the rest of my pictures, so part 2 will come soon.

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