Tuesday, July 8, 2014


We spend our fourth of July celebrating independence on the El Capitan Reservoir. We tubed and surfed and boated all day long, soaking up every minute of sunshine and freedom. Henry was the best sport he could have been in that little life jacket. It was totally uncomfortable and restrictive, but he handled it without a whine.

I'm not posting much on the blog these days, as I've explained before. I originally started the blog with the intention of it being an online creative outlet for myself. It turned into a social tool and a rather unsuccessful monetary effort. We're heading back to the original purpose for family and myself. Between work, family, maintaining my home, and my marriage, plus all of the actual, real life experiences we're enjoying, I don't have the time or desire to blog everyday, or for the sake of pageviews. When I blog, it's for my own remembrance. I hope that those of my friends and readers who are still interested will stick around as we make the transition to real-life blogging.

Over and out.

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