Monday, October 26, 2009

Date night: Mole Poblano is not my friend

A picture from our honeymoon.

Tonight for date night we went to Casa Moreno, a Mexican restaurant up the street from us. We had a marvelous time. We sat outside on a comfy leather bench with the neon sign glowing red on us, and the twinkle lights behind us totally setting the mood. The food was great: our salsa was wonderfully spicy, the chips were fresh, the flautas were STUFFED with chicken (I hate when they charge $10 for a dish then skimp on the meat), and the guacamole was delish. However, I ordered a chicken dish called Mole Poblano, a house recipe with tons of spices and mexican chocolate in the sauce. I was disappointed, but Conrad will eat anything, so he picked away at it.

For reals. It was like eating my own barf (not that I would know anything about that...).

It reminded me of China. REAL Chinese food, not Panda or Pick Up Stix. Really stinky and strong. In a bad way. The flautas made up for it. The beans were fresh and the rice was really good. We will be returning, I just won't order the Mole Poblano.  Now we're watching Nightmare before Christmas, a movie I've actually never seen all the way through before. I love Conrad!!

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