Monday, October 19, 2009

Pros and Cons

antique balance scale

The issue: the Maxima
CONS: seriously it's humiliating driving a filthy black (it looks greyish brown because its so dirty) car around. there's LEAVES, yes, leaves, and dirt and sticks and empty water bottles and a dirty beach towel on the inside. The windows are always filmy, no matter how much Windex I use. 

PROS: It's compact, accelerates well, and gets pretty good mileage. And when it is nice and clean and shiny, it looks pretty classy (well, as classy as a homeless man looks in a tux. Like, yeah, he's cleaned up, but he's still homeless, and the tux will be dirty in less than a day).

VERDICT: keep the Max

The issue: showering

PROS: You smell good after. You smell good during. If you shave, then you're shaven. People like other people who are shaven and nice smelling. I'm just gonna say what everyone was thinking: you can pee standing up! It's great. I'm a total shower-pee-er.

CONS: It takes so much time out of my day. TONS of effort. My bathtub isn't slanted in the back, so I can't really relax. I have to sit up straight. Hair takes forever to dry, and I refuse to blowdry/straighten. You have to go back into the bathroom to hang up your towel.

VERDICT: don't shower unless I'm convulsing people.

The issue: having ONE 4 quart pot to cook with, and nothing else. Not even a microwave.

PROS: I don't have to wash a lot of pots.

CONS: Cannot reheat foods unless I wait 30 mins for the oven to heat up. Cannot cook more than one thing at a time. The pot is huge; it takes up the whole counter to dry (did I mention no dishwasher?). 

VERDICT: Get a nice set of pots and pans, AND a microwave. I can do without the dishwasher. I have Conrad.

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