Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Black Death

Turns out I had swine flu. Which morphed into the devil's bronchitis. I've finally started getting better.

I returned to school this week to a ton of make up work, three tests I have to make up, and an exhausted body. Most of my teachers have been really cool about me making up the work, particularly my math teacher. She's told me to take as much time as I need and has been really sympathetic. My Bible/Shakespeare teacher (same guy) is being great too. he's given me a week to figure everything out and get all my work turned in, and I can make up the test tomorrow. My American Lit teacher, however, has not been so gracious. I gave her the doctors note explaining why i was out and excusing me for the WHOLE two weeks I was gone. she gave me one day to make up the test (which by the way, when I went to her office to take it, I waited for 45 mins before she showed up) and until tomorrow to turn in the work.
Busy Tess! Lots to do! I'm actually off to American Lit in a few minutes, so hopefully she doesn't change her mind about letting me do the work. Ugh. 

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