Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our first New Year as a family, and my favorite shoes

We've made some resolutions. Obviously we got the boring ones out of the way (eat better, work out more, be nicer), then we got more specific. We made some new house rules. I may have added a few that Conrad hasn't consented to.
1. Clean the bathroom and kitchen [really well] twice a month, because they get pretty grimy.
2. Don't eat my chips.
3. Or drink my juice.
4. By the end of the year, we need to have traveled somewhere new. Hopefully far enough away that we would take a plane to get there.
5. Finish Book of Mormon together.

Then I've made a few personal goals for myself.
1. Stop skipping classes. I never do anything more exciting than class anyway.
2. Get better grades (obviously)
3. Shower every day (I actually think this will be the hardest)

Now, school hasn't started yet, so the first two goals don't apply yet, but as of today, the fifth day of 2010, I have showered EVERY DAY. I hate it. Sometimes I like to be a little mangy, you know? My hair looks better if I don't wash it every day [or brush it ever]. Anyway, my clothes get less dirty, and I feel a little less vomitous when I realize I forgot deodorant, because I know I've showered within the last 24 hours and probably don't stink too bad.

OK, gross story of the week. Sorry, the "I Never Shower" story wasn't it. This story is about my favorite pair of shoes. They are navy blue, at least they were when I bought them. Now they're kind of a light purple color. I got them for 5 dollars at Rite Aid. You know what kind i'm talking about. Anyway, they fit PERFECTLY! Without socks that is. Which means, if I don't want my feet to be strangled and squeezed, then by the end of the day, my feet smell like I waded through a swamp barefoot, stomped through a cattle farm, then walked across burned rubber. Cute, huh? These babies aren't even allowed in the bedroom. I have to wear plastic bags over them when they're in the house. I'm already married, so I guess I'm not trying to impress everyone with my clean, rosy feet.

These shoes are the 80 year old woman's best friend. When I wear them, I feel like a million bucks. I'm on top of the world in these shoes. It's just when I take them off.... I kind of want to die.

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