Friday, January 8, 2010


I really value honesty. That said, i'm going to confess a few things about myself that some people may not know. part of my new 2010 self is to let people in more. Here goes.

1. I LOVE giving talks in sacrament. i love the research, the paper writing process, the public speaking, and the testimonies. I'm an English major, so it makes sense that i would enjoy it. frankly, i think most people don't hate it as much as they swear they do.

2. I think that some people are compatible with more than one person on the earth. Obviously. However, there are some who would only fit with one special person. I think I am one of those people. And i am one of the even fewer who found him. I think my parents are those people too.

3. I love cold, smooth sheets, especially in the summer. I've also discovered recently that i prefer to sleep with the window open and a good heavy blanket, than have a warm room and no blanket. i like the weight.

4. I like to throw stuff away. i hope i don't give my kids a complex that makes them hoard because i throw all their stuff away.

5. I prefer a salad or soup over almost any other food. Other food makes me feel gross and weighed down after eating. soup and salad usually feel good. I used to be a huge pasta junkie, but have recently quit that habit. Also, i hate junk food. of course i eat it, but i hate the gross, sick, still hungry feeling you get after.

6. I was a teenage bride. i made the choice at a young age to get married, and even in these 9 short months, i think i've grown up so much. financial responsibility, meshing with conrad's lifestyle, and thinking about becoming a mother have really done a number on me.

7. Speaking of motherhood, i'm absolutely stoked to have kids and see what they look like and meet their little personalities. I'm not scared at all about pregnancy or labor, in fact, those two parts are probably what i look forward to the most. I'm mostly nervous about breastfeeding (so gross) and the epidural, if i decide to get one.

8. I'm not patient. i'm a lot better than i was nine months ago, but i still get really snappy and irritable if someone in front of me isn't going fast enough (especially in crowds, like at Disneyland. i get so raging). I've noticed that if conrad is with me, he helps a lot to keep me calm. he keeps me focused on other things.

9. I prefer rainy and cloudy/cold and clear to hot and sunny. Everything becomes less fun in the heat. anything that requires movement or effort becomes sweaty and exhausting, plus, with the garments, you can't really minimize the clothing. plus they add an extra layer. Winter clothes (scarves, boots, sweaters, hats) are cuter than any other clothes, too. For some period in my life, i would like to live somewhere with colder weather.

10. I do things in public a lot that most people would be mortified from. I'm not one of those people who gets embarrassed but tries not to act so; i genuinely am not embarrassed. if i am, i'll say something like "wow, that was humiliating" then move on. i can also tell when people are embarrassed for me, and try to "help me" by saying things like "oh my gosh! are you ok?" and "oh honey, it wasn't that bad. nobody saw." I think its pointless. i enjoy seeing other people slip on ice, so why wouldn't they enjoy seeing me do it?

There's me. i could go on. i probably will. Later.

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