Thursday, January 21, 2010

the excitement builds...

As we approach Conrad's graduation, the dream of having a house and family become closer and closer. In a week is his job fair, where he will send out many resumes and hopefully get a few bites. Once he has a [few] job offer[s], we will decide where we will move! As of today, if all goes well, we will be moving in less than 6 months!
While we wait for the fish to bite, we've been talking about things we're excited for.
1. Not having to tip-toe and whisper out of courtesy for neighbors (who, by the way, are not so kind as to return the gesture)
2. A dog! Our apartment complex doesn't allow pets for noise and odor reasons, so once we buy a house, we can get a nice big canine companion.
3. A mortgage. Sounds crazy, but if we're going to be making monthly payments anyway, why not make it something we will own in five years? I want to be able to paint and renovate without worry of someone changing it back in 6 months.
4. A garden. I've always been a big supporter of locally grown food, and whats more local than my own yard? Plus, is there anything better than eating something you grew? Really? What tastes better than a fresh tomato?
5. Having a little more space. We're comfortably crammed into our 1B/1b apartment, but it sure will be nice to have a second bedroom to use as an office.
6. The investment perspective. While we live in one house, we'll fix it up and save some money for another house, and keep doing that until all our properties are paying for themselves.
Once we figure out where we'll move, I'll apply for school, and we'll continue our wonderful life!! Isn't it fun being married?

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