Saturday, January 23, 2010

you know he loves you when...

Tonight I made probably the worst meal I've ever cooked. If not the worst, it definitely made it into the hall of shame. When I was little my mom use to make fried pancakes (they have a donutty texture, hot and crispy and greasy and delicious). I didn't really feel like cooking tonight because I worked a long shift, so i thought: "hey! pancakes are quick, but lets try something Conrad's never had before." So I mixed the batter, fried them and we sat down to eat, armed well with chocolate chips and syrup.

We pushed the fork down on the edge of the pancake, enjoyed that first fluffy-inside-crispy-outside bite. second time we pushed down, we discovered that the batter hadn't been cooked at all on the inside. The oil was too hot. There was no way for the pancakes to cook through without the outsides burning, so while it looked done on the outside, it was runny and gross on the inside.

Conrad, being the wonderful man that he is, sat there for a minute while I got upset and dumped mine in the trash. I flipped out a little bit then looked at him. He was bent over his plate with his hand supporting his forehead, with a serious look plastered to his gorgeous face. Without looking up, he said, "Shmoo, its not that bad...", forked at it a bit, and pursued another batter-y bite. I stopped him just in time and explained that it would make him feel sick. He was relieved. We tossed it all and had mac and cheese.

Ladies, the moral of the story is that you know your husband loves you when... you cook a nasty meal and he wants to make you feel better by showing you he can still eat it, even when its dangerously inedible. ...he doesn't mind having macaroni as a replacement. ...he sneaks cereal later in the evening because the mac and cheese didn't fill him, but he wanted you to think he was satisfied.

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