Friday, February 26, 2010

tess, the ex-tetris junkie

Things to say yes to:

New music - I recently discovered M83. the song Up! from their Saturdays=Youth album is what I model my own voice after. Starting now.

New food - sometimes it's really gross like the Mole Poblano and you've wasted your money on a vomitous dish. But sometimes (in my opinion, more often than not) it turns out to be something you like. Even love. A few days ago we went to a fusion restaurant we found and I tried a coconut shrimp roll. Then I ordered another one. My new favorite food.

Thrift stores - basically, a $2 shirt is almost always better than a $40 shirt. Almost. It's worth digging for. Today conrad got a new shirt at Community Thrift store. He's giddy!

Risking your dignity on a rockband song, and doubling it - it's always scary (at least for me) to let go and belt out a few choruses of Are You Gonna Be My Girl, but when you end up sounding awesome and having fun, it makes you feel like a million bucks.

Craigslist - easy.

Walt Whitman - sexy. outrageous. controversial. delicious.

Strangers - despite what your mom and teachers told you, most strangers are as normal as you (interpret how you wish).

Things to say no to:



Road rage (unfortunately, I say yes to this a little more than i'm proud of)

Phone tetris - don't get me wrong, I love this game. I can proudly say that I've actually won it (yes, for the skeptics out there, it's possible), several times. But it's addicting, and doesn't really help with social skills or anything else. I got to the point where whenever I would close my eyes, I would see the blocks falling. Even when I slept. And blinked.

Altoids - Couriously is not the same thing as Deliciously.

The favorite shoes. Just say no.

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  1. hahaha gonorrhea!

    "oh wait, did you say gonorrhea?! well then no thank you!!"


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