Tuesday, March 16, 2010

preparations for project translation

Ok, so I'm not actually going straight to the kingdom of God. But I am going to a place named after it. So today we stocked up on road trip snacks [I know its only a 6 hour drive, but I need to be really comfortable with all the foods I like, otherwise I become the Uber-crank.]. We got salami, swiss, and crackers, grapefruit perrier, samoas girl scout cookies - can't get enough - cuties, and gum.

Tomorrow will be phase 3 of project translation:
1) get the car washed, inside and out. I can't be seen in the filth that is the Blaxima.
2) Get books on tape. Any suggestions? I love the guy who reads the Harry Potter series. He also narrated Pushing Daisies. Don't even get me started on that show (I'm obsessed. I'm so mad they shut it down.)
3) Get those really good pomegranate blueberry energy drinks that only Target sells.
4) Do laundry. I can't have my sweet husband smelling like dirty clothes on this magnificent trip.
5) Dye my roots. This has nothing to do with the trip itself, but its a very important part of project translation (just as I can't drive a nasty pile of a car, and can't smell like Sperry's, I can't be looking like white trash with huge roots showing).

Remember the favorite shoes? anyone? If I have any readers? Well, I had to retire them. due to their cheapness, my big toenails sawed through the fabric, and my entire toe showed on both feet. Plus they were foul. I got some new ones a while ago, when the fabric started to fray, but the lining on the inside of the shoe came out, thus exposing the rubber, making me vulnerable to blisters and loss of friends. So I kept wearing the old ones, finally poked all the way out, and caved and bought new ones. They are clean, smell like new rubber, and I love them.

Tribute to my anthropology teacher:
You are awesome. Thank you for freaking out at your computer as bad as I do. We must learn this one thing: as much as we wish it wasn't true, computers will never be our friends. Neither will treadmills. Or the Citrus bookstore. My condolences about your food poisoning. I was actually looking forward to class tomorrow (though, lets be real, I wasn't exactly jumping for joy). See you next week, my psycho, animal-loving, computer-hating, frizzy-haired friend.

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