Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finger Troubles and Discoveries in Zion

We had a wonderful time in Zion!

Finger Trouble #1
On thursday, at work, before we left, I was cutting ham on the meat slicer. I slipped and cut my fingertip pretty bad. It hurt ok, and bled like a vein, but It's healing fast. Its super sensitive and I haven't really gotten it wet (I've washed my hands with minimal contact to water, but haven't gotten it wet in the shower or doing dishes or any prolonged exposure). I'm nervous for work today, because I don't want the wound to open up from being wet.

Finger Trouble #2
The first morning of our vacation, we were getting ready to go to the St. George temple. Conrad reached into the bathroom bag and got nicked really deeply by the razor. Into the trash, with you. So no more razor for the rest of the trip.

Finger Trouble #3
Once we got to the house we would be staying at, I noticed a super creepy picture of a girl with black hair and big black eyes hanging right outside our bedroom. I had Conrad take it down and face it to the wall. you know how it is, when you wake up and see something scary... Well when we were packing and cleaning up at the end of the trip, I hung the picture back on the nail, but it started to fall. I tried to catch it, and scraped my knuckle against the wall all the way down.

Discoveries i made on the trip:
- I love my ipod. I haven't used it in over a year, and didn't even bring it on this trip. Conrad brought his, however, and I rekindled my love of the ipod. It's so great! I'm one of those people who will listen to a song so many times in a row that everyone else starts to hate the song. With an ipod, you can listen to Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel as many times as you want, and no one will kill you. My own neglected ipod is now by my side, charging.
- It's better to overpack than underpack. Have more than you need, rather than not enough.
- Swiss cheese is divine. I'm going through some crazy swiss cheese kick. Can't get enough.
- I love taking pictures. I secretly wish i had a really nice camera. I also wish a photographer would follow us around on vacations, capturing all the moments. Most of our pictures only have one of us in the picture, because one of us has to take the picture.
- Don't be afraid to rock a fanny pack.

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