Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rough day

was horrible. i usually hate when people dish about their awful lives constantly, but today i'll allow it, only because i need to do it. It all started last night. I ate bagel crisps that must have been fried in peanut oil or something, because they made me ill for 4 hours before i worked up the courage to vomit (i try to hold it down until i feel like i'd rather die). so once it was all out, my face puffed up and my nose was so clogged that the harder i blew to get it out, the more clogged it became. so i took a theraflu, 2 benadryl, and 3 tums. Needless to say, i passed out. However, it wasn't a good kind of pass out. it was a "my mind's still awake but my body is dead" kind of pass out. conrad said i moved all night (which was evident in the morning when my body was sore and still totally exhausted) and i even had a dream about lady gaga.

When I woke up, I was dazed, still hopped up on all kinds of fun stuff. My nose was still clogged, and I realized that in order to not suffocate, I had to breathe through my mouth for 9 hours. Tongue = numb and dry. Throat = sore and gaggy. I knew immediately it would be a fun day. I layed in bed longer than I should have, thinking I could just skip my only class today, but I realized I have a test on thursday that I'm not at all prepared for, and that I should definitely attend class. So I lurched out of bed and Conrad helped me by making my oatmeal and getting me out the door.

On the way to school, I felt funny. Like, dirty. I realized that in all my scurry, I forgot to brush my teeth. Imagine the foul taste I had after a whole night of mouth-breathing, followed by milky, sugary oatmeal. Luckily I only had to deal with it for an hour and a half, but still...

After class (for which test I'm still totally unprepared) I drove home, listening to Huck Finn on CD. It occurs to me, after finally brushing my teeth that I have a quiz on the whole book tomorrow, and that I still have 4 CD's to listen to. Screw it. I'll Sparknotes it. In the same class, there is also a GIANT paper due. I did it, don't worry. I just forgot to edit, revise, rewrite the conclusion paragraph, and email to myself. Whatever, I can afford to get a C on one paper.

"Oh yeah, and you have to rush to work today, with your still-swollen face, unwashed hair, and no work clothes," said the universe. Just when I thought I could relax. So I went to work for 8 hours, came home, had In-n-out, tried to finish homework while watching the Food Network, failed, and decided that I gave this day a valiant effort, and tomorrow will probably be better.

I write this now, completely worn-out. My face is not swollen anymore, my teeth are brushed, i'm a showered woman. As for homework, my paper is still unrevised, but I emailed it to myself so I can print it at school. I didn't read Huck Finn or its Sparknotes. I ate past 7 pm. My husband thinks I'm mad at him and I'm not. I love him. He's the reason I persevere.

Shut up, universe.

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