Sunday, April 11, 2010

Conrad got a job!

He's already started! It's an engineering job with a company that does train/rail work. He does project management along with paperwork and on-site stuff. It's in LA, so he'll take the train! The best part is, because they do so much work with the metro, they'll pay for 60% of ticket costs for employees. So much money saved!

It's part-time for now, because he's still in school, but when he graduates in June, he'll be full-time with benefits.

So now, we're looking at cities to move to. I'll decide on a school to finish at, then we'll move somewhere near both my school and Conrad's job. It's all coming together!! In about 6 months (more or less) we'll buy a house.

Today we went over all the upcoming expenses we have, and its no small list.
1. Contacts and glasses prescriptions for both of us
2. Fix the cars: AC and new windshield for the Ranger, new tires for the Maxima
3. New phone plan
4. Business wardrobe for Conrad (business casual, his idea)
5. Dog for wife
6. House, plus all furnishings, maintenance, loan fees, inspection, etc.
7. Surfboards and wetsuits/springsuits (only if we live close enough to the beach)
8. Vespa!!

I'm so jealous of Jacie for getting one. I've wanted a scooter for the longest time, and Conrad said that if we live near my campus, I could ride it to school. Imagine the gas/car money we'd save!!

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