Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm thinking about cheating on my...


1. She invites her friends to the shop while she does my hair. This is a business transaction. When you are chatting away with your mother, it distracts you. I don't enjoy sitting there for 45 minutes while you turn the blow-dryer on and off, trying to hear everything she says. Save your socializing for a time when I'm not paying for it.
2. She cuts my bangs on an angle. AN ANGLE?!?! I had to come straight home and fix it myself. So remind me what I paid for?
3. When she washed my hair, the water was freezing cold. Normally thats ok, because they don't always know how hot you want it. But when I asked her to heat it up, she scalded my head.
4. When she blow-dries my hair, she blows it straight into my face. It dries that way, and blocks my vision!

Mostly it was the talking that bothered me. Her chattiness doubled the amount of time it should have taken.

I've been going to her since I was 12, but I think this relationship is over.

Being a newlywed (I'm still a newlywed, right? one year?) means I don't have tons of cash to drop on a shotty hair job. So what should I do? Would you cheat?


  1. Dude! Totally get a new one! "You pay, your way" that should be the motto. haha I had a bad hairdresser experience too, I have been going to her since i was like 12 too (we are like twinsies) So I go to her two months before my wedding, she does highlights and a trim, and I set and appt to come back five days before my wedding so I have fresh new hair. I show up and she is not there! Thats right, she decided to take the day off WITHOUT telling me!!! Oh I was so mad! Needless to say I have not been back to her (not only bc I dont live down there, but bc I think that is so rude & I dont want to give her any more of my money) So by all means, I would say cheat away until you get one whose service you are completely happy and willing to pay for.


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