Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Conrad left for San Diego last night, and it was the first time since we've been married that we spent the night apart. I've gotta say, I don't love it.
But what they say is true: distance makes the heart grow fonder. I feel like we're dating again! I've been thinking about him all day.

So I've kind of decided on this new attitude of being happy no matter what, and being more fun and easy going. Ironically, the day after I pitched my new 'tude to my dude, I locked myself out of my house - for the first time ever. So I called Conrad, and he was luckily on his lunch break and only 5 minutes away, so he drove home and let me in. Then last night, I locked myself out of my apartment again. Only, Conrad was in San Diego. And I don't have my landlord's number (who I wouldn't call, even if I did). And I didn't even have a bobby pin to try and break in with. So I knocked on one of my non-mean neighbors to borrow a bobby pin. She gave it to me, and I pretended like I knew how to pick a lock.

There's always a bright side. My brother Ryan and his friend Zac were sleeping over, and they both had cars (and keys). Even better, Zac had a truck, so we drove to La Verne, got a big ladder, and brought it back. zac did the honors of climbing up, slitting the screen with the bobby pin I had borrowed, and climbing into the apartment. in the process, we woke up DIABLA - er, I mean, Maria, the heinous neighbor - with our giggling, ladder banging against her wall, and screen slitting. She was mad, But I apologized really nicely before she could say anything. She tried to be mean, but I killed her with kindness and she had nothing to say.

After we got my keys, we went to Denny's and got some dinner/breakfast. At this point it was midnight. I'd just like to thank Denny's for being there on nights like this.

The amazing part of this was that I never - not once - felt frustrated. Or upset or flustered or negative in anyway. It was fun. I have to buy a new screen, but so what? This new attitude is working for me.

Today I dropped my parents off at the airport, and am now the temporary guardian of my two brothers. I am also finishing up the last of the packing, and trying to eat the rest of our food, even though eating out is way more attractive most of the time.

Dinner tonight was chili on rice. So good, right? I don't know how it took me 20 years to discover.

Just for the sake of positivity, here are a few things that make me happy:
- my hair is getting nice and long (considering dying the bottom half a wild color, most likely blue. Any thoughts?)
- chili and rice
- warm weather
- I'm soon going to live at the beach
- getting to know myself in the short amount of time my husband is gone (not to sound like I'm glad he's gone, though)
- museums, gardens, and nice buildings
- new music
- wrapping presents (I consider myself really good at it)
- breaking into my own house

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