Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On house and hair

This week has been huge! And wonderful.
We moved.
We are now located in Solana Beach, California. I love the apartment. Remember how I hated it before? And  was a huge poop for complaining and making Conrad feel sad? Well that's over.

My two brothers stayed with us for a few days while my parents were in Omaha, and we ended up having a lot of fun with them. They helped us move, and we watched a few [probably 30] episodes of Pushing Daisies/30 Rock].

Conrad's parents also came and helped us unpack, and his sister/my sister-in-law/bffffffff (really?) visited. its only been three days, and we're almost completely moved in. There are only a few bags of stuff left to unpack, and a few pieces of furniture that need to be rearranged.

Today I worked out. For 25 minutes. I ran 2 miles without stopping [on the elliptical]. YES it took me almost a half hour to do what almost anyone else could do in half that time. But I did it, right?

Also, I bought an amazing patio set. It's kinda shabby chic/vintage-ish looking. I'm really excited about it. I finally have a patio that I can put furniture on! Our apartment is actually much bigger than we thought it would be.

Remember how my hairdresser was the devil? I finally got my hair FIXEDDDDD. I went to supercuts, thinking I would get a cheap, semi-bad haircut, but left $75 down and really satisfied. I was willing to risk another bad cut, considering my then-current one was so bad. anyway, I'm all better now, hair and emotions.

Pictures to come (of house and hair). 


  1. Oh yay! Im glad you like your apartment! CAnt wait to see pics! And wahoo for a hair cut you like! => Those always make you feel a million times better! And I say no go on private. Overrated and definately a big hassle for those who blog-stock. => hehe but if u really feel that uncomfortable with having an open blog, I say it is worth your peace of mind. =>

  2. its more for the sake of just knowing who looks at it. i just wish everyone would like, i don't know, email me or something, telling me they read it. i'd like to know how many people/what kind of audience i'm writing to. sometimes i write age-sensitive/mature stuff (such as periods or other magnificent body functions). thats all.


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