Monday, August 2, 2010

Finding that special shade of blue

Our apartment is super dark, in color and in sunlight amount. I've been wanting to paint it a really pretty blue to lighten everything up, and give our home that true, beachy, Mediterranean feel. So today I went to Home Depot to find the colors I need, with the idea that my color would be really easy to spot.

In my head, I pictured myself walking into Home Depot, strutting obliviously past the greasy men who were blatantly staring at me, right towards the paint area, where I see my perfect shade of blue, huge and bright among all the other drab blues. A gust of wind from somewhere blows my hair into waves, and I feel illuminated as I purchase - for a very reasonable price - that blue.

What really happened was this: I walked in holding a sandwich, half-eaten, with mustard on my shirt and in my hair, wearing a high-waisted skirt that makes me look fat (and for some reason I keep wearing it) and dirty shoes. I clunk past grease-balls of men who don't even notice me (it must be that ring on my finger. Married ladies, have you noticed that the ring seems to repel men, attractive and not?). I stomp around like a lost little kid (because that's what I am), and finally find the paint section. I push my unneeded cart into the crowded area, take up 3/4 of the aisle, and stare at the wall of tiny paint samples for 20 minutes, without moving.

I did not purchase my paint today. I have realized what I am dealing with, and will be more prepared upon my return to the Home Depot.
My other projects are, as of today, postponed for lack of materials. Can you please suggest some craft stores other than Michael's?

Later in the day I went to my in-laws' house and laid out with my mother-in-law and talked about the wonders and pleasures of life.

Some people get really awful in-laws who remind you of Everybody Loves Raymond.

I'm not one of those people.


  1. at byu if there is a ring on your hand you are not only ignored but avoided like the plague


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