Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mirrored Patio Table

This is my latest project:

I took an old patio table that my mother-in-law gave me, bought a TON of small round mirrors from Michael's and Jo-Ann's, used wood glue to tack them on, and let it dry overnight.
The next morning I applied pre-mixed grout in all the spaces between the mirrors. I didn't buy any kind of professional applicator, so I ended up using plastic spoons - the only thing that would spread that I didn't mind throwing away/ruining. Now it looks really cool! Its also up for sale if anyone's interested.

Yesterday my sister came to visit. I was so happy to have her over. We went and toured the cosmetology school, which on the outside looked nasty with extra nasty. But inside it was cool, and I felt like I could be comfortable if I went there. It's really expensive, so we're still unsure if I'll go there.

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