Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surfboard Saturday

I buzzed Conrad's head. He likes to get it started without looking, so it looks like this until I fix it and shear him clean.

We bought another surfboard. It was $30 at a swap-meet type surf convention at a park by one of our frequent beaches. Its taped on both ends, but its strong. Really excited about having 2 boards, because now we can both use them at the same time, rather than having one person float around while the other one catches a wave. After we had just purchased the board, we took it for a spin at Fletcher Cove.

We also hit up the Del Mar farmer's market and library. These are some pretty red and yellow sunflowers with purple leaves. The library was great. I'm starting the Hunger Games series.

Later in the evening, we went surfing again, this time at San Elijo. I like San Elijo because its level and the waves are generally Tess-sized, but its really grassy under the water, and it freaks my out every time I put my foot down. Plus, I thought I saw a shark (I didn't) and started having a small but real panic attack. I had to get out of the water before I lost control of my motor functions as a result of a crippling fear of sharks/anything in the water (including fish and big waves). So I didn't ride any waves, but I'm more concerned about the sea creatures, honestly.

After the crying and heaving was over, we went to VG bakery, a local donut shop and bakery across the street from where we park the truck when we surf. We bought buttermilk bars - which came highly recommended - and the guy even gave us a free blueberry one.

It was an excellent day. Except for the shark (that wasn't really there).

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