Friday, October 1, 2010

Conference Weekend

There are a handful of times in the year when my family's home feels like a holiday: Christmas (obviously), Easter, Thanksgiving, and both Conferences.

There is no other time of year when we get to stay in jammies all day, eat monkey bread, and spend time with family.

Since Conrad's family is going to Utah for Conference, we'll be going to my parent's house for the weekend. It's like a sleepover, only weirder.
These are the things i have to do before we leave tonight:
- superglue my favorite plate back together
- go to the library and return the books and check out new ones
- do a load of laundry
- pack clothes. note to self, remember Conrad's suit and shoes and tie and everything.
- pay rent
- try to use whatever in the fridge will go bad over the next 3 days.

I finally feel like it's fall. Yesterday, despite the 80 degree weather, there was a massive lightning and thuderstorm at school. It started pouring rain, and minutes later, it was over. Then we had cloudy, slightly rainy weather into the night. I love rain.

Some news! I'm a tutor. I tutor any level English course. Despite all my grammar/spelling/punctuation/capitalization errors in this blog, I'm actually a good English student. So I'm helping someone with her class! Any of you San Diego readers who might need help in English, let me know!

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