Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Night Fight

Growing up, I was kind of a thrasher. I kicked and moved and spoke and walked around, and did all kinds of high-functioning human activities while I slept. I finally got my own queen bed, at which point my condition worsened because I had even more space to move around.

Oddly, the day I got married, I stopped thrashing. I still spoke, ate, etc., but as far as sleep-violence, I was good. Then last night, I woke up, extremely frustrated in the middle of the night, with Conrad sitting on me pinning my arms down. I was apparently beating him while he slept (kicking, pushing, and breathing heavily, which, if done correctly, can be offensive). Then I told him to move over because he was pushing me off the bed.

I went back to sleep, which means, more sleep-slapping ensued. He told me today on the phone that I had, at one point, ripped his pillow from him and thrown it across the room (which isn't actually that far). I also recall him sharply insisting that I "Shut up" (yes, my dear tells me to shut up when necessary). I woke up this morning, having skinned my bed down to the mattress.

Has my rest rage returned? I've always been an active sleeper. I'm told I can even conduct a legitimate conversation. So today, when I called Conrad to ask him what in the world happened, and why I woke up in a tiff, he explained that we were both in some kind of half-asleep stage, and that we did, in fact, have a night fight. I was amused. I'm interested to see how this develops.

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