Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween: the stolen holiday

 My generation has completely turned Halloween into an adult's holiday. Everything's scarier, sexier, bigger, smaller, the candy's better...

I love it. There's only one bad thing about Halloween, and it's that I always procrastinate finding a costume. I always want a costume that's a total contest winner, but for three years in a row, I've waited to long and used my fall-back costume: greaser.

Easiest costume ever. If you are a semi-up-to-date twenty-something (or thirty) female, then you have the leggings, the heels, the plain black or white t-shirt, and some kind of cardigan or satin or leather jacket that would pull the outfit together.

However, I'm getting sick of this old classic. My main reason for not going out and spending money on a newer, cooler costume, is because of the price and the modesty factor.

Like I said before, everything is bigger (prices and boobs), and smaller (outfits and confidence). It's hard to find something that will work for a poor, confident, modest person that hasn't been way overdone.

And I know I've vented about this in several prior posts, but LADY GAGA COSTUMES? Really? REALLY? I thought we were all done with that. I'll gladly accept costume suggestions. At this point, I'm willing to spend a little money.

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