Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's a Real Character

For my Creative Writing class, I had to write a descriptive piece about a character that is "real", or someone I know. I wrote about my mother and her experience with losing her sight.

It got me thinking, she's totally incredible.

In the 15 years that her sight has been gradually failing, she never acted frustrated or bitter about her trial. She is so happy, and always thinks of others. My siblings and I never knew any different, so having a blind mom was normal. But I look at how strong our family is because of it, and am amazed. It was never something we had to "deal with." We just adapted and it became our life.

Sometimes she would do funny things, like fall down stairs or bump into a pole or trip over a fire-hydrant (how mean that I think those things are funny), but she always laughed it off. Even more awesome was that she was never even embarrassed. Not even when she used eyeliner as a brow pencil and walk around with purple eyebrows. Or when she used hair gel as body lotion.

So great.

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