Thursday, October 21, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

I really have such a wonderful life.

Sunday, we went to church and went to Conrad's family's house. I love going there. It's like going to Disneyland, only the food is cheaper and the people are cooler.

Monday was my sweet husband's 25th birthday! I can't believe it. I get to spend eternity with this smart, handsome person who loves me as much as i love him. I tutored in the afternoon, then got home right as Conrad was getting home. We went to CPK with Conrad's sister and her boyfriend, and they were so generous to buy our meal! The delicious food included margarita pizza, chopped BBQ chicken salad, Carne Asada pizza, and garlic fettucini alfredo (that everyone thought was gross except me). I ate way too much as usual.

Tuesday, I had French class in the morning. I came home in wonderful rainy weather, checked my email and saw that i had a request on my etsy account! another one! Before my next class, i went to Marshall's and Ross to pick up some discounted onesies for the order. I didn't have time to get the ribbon i needed before my next class, so i made a mental note of what to buy, and headed to school. After class - which went unusually well and fast - i went straight to tutoring again (just to be clear, i am the tutor, not the tutee). Happy to say i'm really racking up the hours. Came home to my dear, drove to Michaels with him to get the ribbon, and the rest is a blur. Busy day means early bedtime. Dinner was pasta with pesto sauce.

Wednesday, I made the onesies. 10 to be exact. click here to view. I love some of them so much that it hurts to think i might have to give them to someone else's baby. At least now i know how easy it is to ruffle a onesie and make them for my own little girls! While i was tinkering away at my sewing table, i watched some Pushing Daisies, and one episode of CSI that was way too scary. I have officially sworn off that show. For the most part, it wasn't a busy day. I didn't leave the house except to get some whipped cream for the strawberry pie I made. Unfortunately the pie didn't set, so I have a runny, jiggly thing in my fridge waiting to be tossed. Dinner was salad and pizza.

Today, I had school again. I also had tutoring, and it was near my school, but it wasn't for several hours after my class. So I drove to the nearest happiest place on earth: My in-laws! I got there and it was a bizarre situation. My aunt-in-law was there showering (she doesn't live there, she lives up the street) because her house was being sprayed (???)... I didn't ask any questions. Then she left, and one Norah Jones song on the piano later, my sister in law Libby came home. We made cookies together and bonded over politics. I loved it, because we hadn't really bonded before that.

When I was leaving to go to my tutoring session, I set the plate of hot cookies on the elbow rest between the driver and passenger seat. One second later - I don't know how I forgot so quickly - my elbow was scalded and cookies were crushed. I ran back in, through the rain, I should add, to wash it off. I discovered that I had not only burned my skin, but chocolate was all over my cardigan. So I took it off to rinse it, and a button fell off. Geez! I did my best to handle it, and I wasn't even late to tutoring!

Dinner tonight was cereal. As the week goes on, the meals get simpler and simpler. Tomorrow might just be crackers.

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