Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hilarious Twist of Fate

When I was at school in Idaho, I was in a psychology class. I attended study sessions that were led by a guy named Kevin. Kevin and I became friends. One day, he set me up for a double date with his roommate. We got chicken wings and went back to their apartment to watch Amelie (which is now one of my favorite movies). Nothing frisky happened. We only went on the one date.

Today was the wedding of a friend from Conrad's and my old singles ward. A bunch of friends showed up who also knew Sean (the groom). Hannah, one of our other friends, was there with her boyfriend. We were all talking, lightly socializing, small-talking... when i realized that i recognized Hannah's boyfriend. He was the guy I went on a blind date with in Idaho, two years ago. He grew up in Idaho, graduated college, and moved to Claremont for med school.

What are the odds that I would ever see him again? What are the odds that he would now be dating one of my friends? How symmetrical, that I would be in his home state for school, go in his car, to his apartment, got chicken, then two years later, he's in my home state for school, and his same car would be parked outside my house, he would be in my apartment, and we would get chicken again, only this time with our respective partners?

So we realized that we knew each other, and the group of us came to our house for some hanging out after the wedding. We also went to Denny's. It was a great night. I realized how much I miss having nights out with friends.

In other news, I sold some baby onesies on my etsy site, Exciting right? except for the shipping fees, which I seriously miscalculated, and now am only making $7 from the transaction. I really should have looked up shipping costs to Australia.

What a fun day.

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