Thursday, November 4, 2010

Framed Cardholder

When I was at the mall enjoying the Nordstrom half-yearly sale, I stopped into Pottery Barn and grabbed a catalog.

I opened right to a page that had this:
Gilt Frame Card Holder

I loved it! Except it was $200 bucks, online only, which means you also have to pay shipping. Then I thought, hey! I have everything I need to make it!

I have a roll of thin rope, so I hot glued it to an old picture frame that I've been trying and trying to find a use for. I have this habit of pressing on the hot glue in order to make it dry faster, plus I like peeling it off and seeing my fingerprint impressed into the dry glue. However, I badly burn my fingers every time.

A word to the wise, and also to me, don't touch the hot glue. There's a reason it's not called lukewarm glue.

Which brings me to my first thankful point of the day: i'm really grateful that i heal so quickly. I can't even count all the injuries my poor hands have endured, usually due to carelessness (meat slicer, hot glue gun, washing dishes too quickly). Amazingly, I don't really scar, either.

I had some clothes-pins that I had painted (part of a previous boredom induced project) that I used to hang a few pictures I had laying around. The added bonus: more counter space now.

The finished product saved me all of $250, and now I have the perfect place to put all of the much-anticipated Christmas cards! It will also be good for other cards, notes pictures, and wedding announcements.

Speaking of Christmas cards, we're going to send cards whether we get our pictures taken or not. Since we live in the Facebook Age, I don't have anyone's actual address, so please email them to me at

Another thing I'm thankful for today is the Santa Ana winds. They're really making it warm down here. Baby, it's [not] cold outside!

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog...
    good work on the frame! i love it!


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