Monday, November 8, 2010

Italian food

is what i'm thankful for today. Food in general, really. Conrad and I have been going to a lot of the ward activities, trying to get involved and get to know a lot of people since both of our callings require knowing people. Tonight there was a social event disguised as a missionary night at a local Italian place, so we went. It was really fun, the food was really good, and we found out that they do it every month! hello free food...

So there was this dinner special. It involved a medium pizza. We both assumed that the pizza was personally sized, so Conrad got a medium and I got a small. And now we have food for the rest of the week. I was honestly expecting something the size of a plate, but I got something that was enough to feed a whole family!

Everything on the menu looked so good. I know what i'll get for the next several months: calzone, pasta, caprese salad... and since the restaurant is owned by Middle Easterners (hilarious), there is a whole Mediterranean page on the menu! So exciting.

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