Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lovely LA Weekend

Conrad and I drove up to my parent's house this weekend. My mom was having some kind of fundraiser for the high school, so I brought some of my wreaths to sell. I sold one at the event, and one later. It's pretty great when crafts pay for themselves.

Three thankfuls:
I'm so glad that we live so close to both of our families. Some people, particularly those who meet at school and marry, get stuck thousands of miles from one or both families. That would be difficult, expensive, and sad if you want to see them a lot!

I'm thankful that our car is able to make the many trips it makes. We have 2 cars, but mostly use mine, as it has AC, and its starting to whine.

I'm thankful for roasted garlic.

That's all.

I was recently called to be the Provident Living go-to for our ward. I started keeping a new blog. Go check it out!
It's not just for ward members, so follow it and add any feedback!

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