Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Suck it up

Today I'm thankful for butter. One of the most comforting of comfort foods to me is spaghetti with butter and parmesan. I don't have any parmesan right now, so I just used salt and pepper. Equally delicious. I probably used a third of a stick of butter. That's pretty sick right? Whatever. It's worth the consequences (clogged arteries, gout).

I'm also thankful that Conrad has a job. He works so hard at work, and then comes home and works on his side projects. He was really fortunate to be able to get a payed internship right out of college, and it turned into a full time job.

And I know I only needed to post two thankfuls today, but I'll throw another one in. I really appreciate my vacuum and all the hard work it does. Without it, we'd have dead spiders crushed into the carpet, and cheerios here and there, not to mention dust! I can't actually use the vacuum though. It's the kind that rolls around with a long hose attached to it. I get really frustrated and start swinging it around, banging it against walls and such, so Conrad usually takes control. Another reason I love him. He totally balances my ridiculous.

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