Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back from the Cruise!

We had an incredible time! We took over 250 pictures, so here's the basics. 
Conrad on the hilariously slow slide on the pool deck.

Me in some super attractive rock climbing gear.

Us seeing a show on the ship. Tribute to The Four Seasons.

Day in Roatan, Honduras. A tropical rainstorm drenched us, and I got my haggle on.

On the ship with Roatan in the background.
 Day in Belize. We went cave tubing. The pictures of that are on my waterproof camera, so this rhinoceros bug is all you get of the event.

Costa Maya.

Conrad in front of the Mayan Ruins.

Conrad in the ocean in Key West.

Our little corner of the Miami airport.
I feel like we just got married. The trip totally re-inspired me to push myself in school, help Conrad with his projects, and be healthier. I've made my New Years resolutions already!


  1. i love it!! im so jealous!! ive been trying to convince shane that cruises are the best kind of vacations since we met, and we have yet to go on one. what cruise did u go on? that sounds perfect because we've been wanting to go to honduras too. yes yes i love this!! k more posts about the cruise and more pictures. thank you

  2. i posted a crapload of pics on fb. and also, cruises are awesome, but i think they're more fun with more people. if we had gone with another couple it would have been even more awesome. ahem...feel free to invite us.


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