Monday, December 27, 2010

Frame Christmas 2010

Well, great strides have been made since I last posted. We had a very fun, very busy Christmas with both families. We drove up to LA for Thursday and Friday, and left Friday afternoon for Vista to spend another night.

Some of the Christmas highlights:
-new camera for Conrad
-new food processor for me
-new clothes for both of us
-essential oil set for me
-playing Just Dance Wii with the Frames
-spending tons of time with family

Some post-Christmas highlights:
-We caught the mouse that was living with us. He's not living with us anymore.
-I got a job!! that's right! You're reading the blog of Alvera Podiatry's newest medical assistant. Pretty exciting, huh? I get to wear scrubs and take X-rays and everything!

Well, I thought I'd recap 2010 for the loved ones we don't get to be with very much.

Conrad finished his Bachelor's Degree at Cal Poly Pomona in Civil Engineering. He got a job in San Diego for a rail engineering firm. We moved from Covina, where we were close to my family, to Solana Beach, where we are close to his family. I've still been pressing forward in school, and until very recently, looking for a job since we moved. Together we've been surfing, traveling (our trips this year include Zion and a cruise to the Caribbean), and watching plenty of 30 Rock and Seinfeld. Conrad works with the Young Men in the ward, and I work with the Relief Society in Provident Living, as well as being the ward Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

Some of our 2011 goals are to launch one of Conrad's side projects, buy a house, and build our nest egg. Of course, we also aspire to the more cliche goals, such as eating more fruits and veggies, and exercising more. We've had a wonderful year, and we hope all of our loved ones did too!

For New Year's Eve, we're planning on going to Palm Springs to celebrate. I know who I'll be kissing at midnight!

This guy.

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