Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good Food = Good Mood

I love preparing food. I love chopping and slicing and grating and sauteeing and baking and all other ways to make food. Tomorrow after stake Conference we're going to a friend's house to barbeque, and I'm making skewers with spicy Asian beef, pineapple, red bell pepper, and onion. You don't even know.

And, for breakfast tomorrow, since church doesn't start until later, I'm making a hash out of sweet potatoes and caramelized onions. Sometimes I get really excited about cooking, and then I get bipolar and don't want to cook for a week.

Tonight for dinner I make linguine Alfredo with chicken, roasted red peppers, and, as always, tons of fresh parmesan. Then for dessert, I made vanilla pudding with blueberries and blackberries (they were on sale at the market!)

And I hate to mention this as a side note to my food rave, but tonight's session of Stake Conference was unbelievable. L. Tom Perry was here and will be here tomorrow. But a missionary couple shared their experiences with converts who had joined the church because a member had shared the gospel with them. I've been thinking of inviting a family to church, but have been too worried about jeopardizing the relationship. This has totally inspired me to share. I really hope that I can keep the courage I need to share the Gospel with people I care about. It's something that makes me so happy, and I want everyone I know to have the joy I've gotten from being a member of the church.

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  1. awesome! whenever i am feeling hesitant about sharing the gospel, i think about a lesson i had in ym/yw once. they were saying that if you saw a really good movie, you would want to share that with your friends, and if they didnt happen to like that movie, then thats fine, not like they will be offended just because they dont like that movie. same with the gospel. you would want to share the gospel just like a really great movie u were excited over, and if they dont accept the gospel, thats fine, no one should be offended.

    haha if that made any sense at all. anyways, always helps me.


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