Thursday, January 13, 2011

our regular Thursday

Last night Nate came over and spent the night. Which is awesome because it was like a grown-up-kid sleepover. We played with the chinnie, drove around Solana, and ate cake and made fun of hipsters. Poor Nate couldn't sleep because the chinchilla, who is nocturnal, kept rustling around if the light was off, so Nate slept with the light on.

So this morning, Conrad left for work, and then I got up and got ready, and Nate just kept on sleeping. I mean really, just blazing right through the day. I didn't want to make him leave so I gave him my key and told him to eat whatever he wanted, and lock up when he leaves.

Off to work I went, where I spent two hours making insurance calls (most of which I was listening to calypso versions of children's songs because I was on hold), and five hours sweeping up skin flakes and asking people about their problems. It was glorious. I'm not on payroll yet, so I have 2 weeks worth of hours stashed up for one juicy paycheck.

I came home to find my key under the mat. Good Nate. Made spinach ravioli with pine nuts and parmesan, ate with Conrad, and here I sit. We'll probably watch a movie. Life is so good.

PS - I have, like, 8 friends who are pregnant or recently had a baby. Does anyone else feel like they're the only couple in the world who isn't having a kid right now?


  1. Oh Oh I get that feeling! Or at least i get that vibe from my dearest that we are getting that feeling!

  2. yeah i hear ya. im sure its way worse up here in baby land too. sometimes i even feel like everyone else is taking crazy pills and im the only one in my right mind. (not that having a baby is crazy, but, just that im so different and im choosing to be that way)


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