Monday, January 24, 2011

On the move

Today was the first day of the semester. Here's my [unusually detailed] schedule:

7:30 - wake up, realize I should have woken up earlier so I could shower. No shower, get ready. I wear black jeggings, a grey shirt, and a blazer for work.
8:30 - get to work, forgot egg salad sandwich in the fridge, realize I have to drive home to get it or I'll die of starvation.
11:30 - leave work. Drive home, eat sandwich while watching modern family.
12:30 - Marketing class, where I see the daughter of my mom's friend. How funny.
2:00 - Drive home again because I'm uncomfortable, change the blazer for a sweater. Eat a bowl of cereal. Do dishes, get control of the several piles I've allowed to amass, make the bed.
3:40 - get to school for my French class, get immensely disoriented, ask a stranger for help, find the classroom, then realize i'm 45 minutes early. Relish in self-loathing, drive back home. Eat another bowl of cereal.
4: 30 - French class. I'm the only married person in class, other than the teacher, who moonlights as a kickboxing instructor.
6:45 - Come home to Conrad making pizza. Eat one slice, gag a lot, then eat coffee ice cream. I take way too much. The melted heap goes back into the carton.
7:45 - Commence homework procrastination.

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