Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three's Company

So today was just one of those days where measly bad stuff happens little by little, gradually chipping away your marble block of confidence and self-worth until an exhausted sculpture emerges.

Luckily, bad luck comes in threes.

#1. This morning I was yelled at by a cranky man with foot problems (at the podiatrist office, of course) because he refused to have his picture taken. FYI old guy, we take pictures of all our patients. It's not just my policy. No need to yell.  On top of that, it was my first day operating the front office by myself, so I was nervous all day, anticipating a huge disaster.

#2. I've been hearing noises from my car for months. Clearly, if I've been hearing it for months, I've been ignoring it for months, too. I thought it was my bearings. Whatever. It's a costly fix, but not impossible. Getting it fixed would allow me to milk a few more years out of the life of the car. I ride 'em 'til they die (or until I kill them). Conrad explored the problem further, and discovered today that it's actually the CV joint, which costs more to fix than the car is worth.

#3. I cut myself shaving. Actually, I sliced. I did that thing where your hand slips and the razor makes three distinct sliver cuts.

None of these things were really bad problems by themselves. I decided to look at three equivalent good things from today that might offset the bad.

#1. I put hours toward my paycheck. That's never a bad thing.

#2. I get to buy a new (to me) car! Woohoo!

#3. While in the shower, prior to cutting myself thrice, I mixed some shampoo with baking soda to get rid of some build-up. Holy cow. Seriously, cows are now holy. My hair is probably the most voluminous its ever been. My sky-high coif definitely distracts from that itchy tingle on my leg where a scab is forming.

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