Friday, March 25, 2011

Botched Dye Job

Got a major trim yesterday. I had them cut several inches off, because it was frizzy and thin and sad at the bottom. For one day, I had flouncy, mousy blond hair. I ruined that as quickly as possible by having an at-home dye session. The pictures don't really depict how yellow it really is. I've dyed my own hair a hundred times before, and it's never done this. 

I guess I just have to wait a couple weeks, so I can dye it again without going bald. This is such a non-human color. Advice on how to tame yellow locks?

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  1. yes. purple shampoo. they should have some at sally's. i've always bought mine at the pro stores, but i'm almost positive sally's has some too. purple counteracts yellow. they're complimentary colors and that means they cancel each other out. let me know how it goes, love.


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