Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

Saturday - drove up to LA for Taylor and Shelby's open house. We were really late, and we took my brother (uninvited) with us, as there was nothing else for the poor kid to do. He got dinner out of it, so he was happy. We got to socialize with some of Conrad's family members that we haven't seen in a while.

Sunday - went to church at my parent's ward, always a weird experience. Made chicken curry, rice, and caprese salad for my family (including Nana and Papa) for dinner. Later, Allison and Shaun came over and we all made cookies, played brain teasers and giggled like children. We were going to drive home today, but it was really late and pouring rain. We figured it'd be safer if all the other drivers weren't as drowsy as we were. So we stayed another night.

Monday - marked the end of the second year we've been married! We got a big breakfast at IHOP, then drove the drive. The whole 2 hours of the car ride, we played the "guess who i'm thinking about" game. It's pretty hilarious. Some of the particularly tough ones were Nana from Peter Pan, Kim Jong Il, Conrad's aunt Phyllis. When we got home, we unpacked, told Ninners we missed him, and showered. Why is it that showering when I'm out of town doesn't even get on the list of "things I might want to do"? We were extra grungy from not showering for a few days. Then we decided to see a movie and get really good sandwiches from the Icebox (I had a groupon). We saw Limitless, then hung out at his parent's for the rest of the night.

Tuesday - I can hardly account for yesterday's hours. I did laundry, went to the library, had Rice-a-roni for lunch, cleaned the house a little, but really, it's all a blur. Probably because I watched a shameful amount of Ugly Betty.

Today - I'm vowing to make up for yesterday's lack of productivity. I will do homework (on Spring Break, might I add; I should be getting major points for that), I will get everything ready for Sunday (sign-up sheets, surveys, etc.), I will call/email everyone I need to.

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