Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let the stressing commence

I've got about 4 weeks left of the semester, and I still haven't heard back from UCSD. I'm a little worried about what my options are if I don't get in. I'm trying to just focus on doing well with what I'm handling right now. I took a Marketing exam yesterday, and I feel OK about it. Not awesome, but I'm sure I didn't fail. Then, I had a French quiz that I was really antsy about. Took the quiz, wanted to die, and then my teacher said that everyone would get full credit on the quiz. Whew! I love when that happens, but there's still this looming after-stress effect.

I've got several papers and finals coming up, and I know I won't fail any of them, but I still feel really anxious. I think most of what I'm anxious about is our condo. We just had our inspection yesterday, and all went well! Looks like we'll definitely be buying. I think we went into escrow on Wednesday, so in about a month, we'll be paying for something we'll eventually own! It's exciting!

So now I've got to finish school, hear from university, then pack, then move, then meet a whole bunch of new people again (yuck)... There's something about moving that just... Before we decided to move, we were so excited about the possibility. Then after we decide to move, I still felt excited, but I also feel a whole bunch of sadness for what I'm leaving behind. I love our apartment, our ward, our friends.

We've got a bunch of big purchases coming up: washer/dryer, nice couch, flat screen TV, and just other furniture in general. That's one thing I'm really looking forward to: decorating. I love filling an empty shell of a house with all the stuff Conrad and I have together.

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