Saturday, April 16, 2011


My brother Ryan and my almost-brother Zac are visiting from LA. I love visitors. It means I get to cook special things, and go out to dinner, and do fun stuff, and show them around town (those are all things I get to do anyway, but it's different for a guest).

This morning, we all woke up super early and the boys went surfing. I had tutoring, so I took care of business, made some moolah, and we all met back at the house. 30 minutes later, we all went back to the beach (since I didn't get to go), and surfed more, and bathed in grease and sun. It was a lovely time, full of romping in the waves, observing millions of recently hatched sand crabs, and throwing of frisbees.

Once all the boys started complaining of neck sunburns, we went to In-n-out. And since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by our condo-to-be, where we creeped around, peeked in windows (we don't have keys, you see), and fantasized about furniture placement.

Home now, and the guests are napping - one on my bed, btw - and I have some down time to do homework that I might not have time or focus to do later. Instead I blog and pack silly things that we use rarely, like board games and candles. I'm trying to convince all the men to go up and spa with me, but they say they prefer not to because of the burns all over their bodies. I'll get them there somehow. This is my house, after all.

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