Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guide me, Julia

Why is it that while in school, all I can think is "Man, I need a break", and once school is out, within a week I'm bored almost to tears, wishing I had some kind of assignment? Well, at least moving into a new place remedies the boredom for a while. I've patched a couple holes in the walls (and when I say I, I really do mean I, not my husband or some hired person), done more loads of laundry than is reasonable, and overstocked my fridge and freezer. That last one is due to free time as well as my newfound love - a Costco membership.

Patched holes:

Aside from me getting in touch with my inner handy-girl, I bought and have been reading Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which, of course, led me to Julie Powell's blog. You know, the one Julie and Julia was based off of? Anyway, now I'm itching to make French food and write a blog more dedicatedly, and, I know I'll regret saying it, have some kind of assignment to work at. There are only so many holes I can patch and only so many toilet flappers I can fix before the house doesn't need repairs anymore (let me clarify, repairs being finished in no way means I'm done working on the house. Renovations are quite another story).

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Julia Child is pretty hilarious. If you've read her cookbook, you know she says quite funny things. At one point she describes an aspic as 'phallic shaped.' What a crack up, to hear a woman from the 20's and 30's say such a scandalous thing. Anyway, she makes it all sound so easy. The cooking, I mean. I ought to give it a try...

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