Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Start Buying Lotto tickets

This month has been one of hefty spending. After several months of anticipating a move and therefore eating almost all of our edible cupboard contents, we had to fill our fridge and pantry with regular food. Being forced to eat canned corn and beans and old potatoes for 2 months will have you begging for mercy from the pantry gods. We had to buy a linen cupboard for our bathroom, because the man who designed this complex (I say man deliberately, because no woman would have done this to any other living person) built no linen storage - or any storage, for that matter, on the whole bedroom-side of the house. We had to buy Omaha Steaks (har har). We had to buy multiple trinkets for all the little fixes around the house. We had to buy the house itself. So you see, our accounts have suffered.

And selfishly, I shop on. I go to Temecula Olive Oil Company and buy rock salt (an inexpensive purchase, but money-costing, nonetheless). I go out to lunch. I go to Victoria's secret because I'm in desperate need of a new bra. But wait, this perfume smells so good, I'll get this instead of the bras, which I need, and which I originally came for. I go to The Loft where I buy a dress for myself - another purchase that isn't totally necessary. I go to Anthro, where I make myself feel disciplined by not buying anything (really, I'm a spender, and their sale prices are even too high for me). It was all I could do to not go to Urban Outfitters, where I'm sure I would have found and bought a pair of shoes.

But you know what? I cut corners in other places. I never get my hair done. I dye it myself at home, after which it usually fades immediately or turns yellow and looks heinous for six to eight weeks. And aside from groceries, I never buy anything that isn't on sale. Yes, this includes the above purchases.

So my friends, my dear readers, it is the 8th of the month, and I have almost reached our budget. I have 22 more days to make the remaining bit last. Wish me luck.

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