Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn Chopped Salad

Tonight I made a yummy salad from a recipe I found on Pinterest. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Pinterest?? At first it was about pinning everything I saw that I liked, but now its about re-reading what I've pinned and trying it all! Here's the original site for that salad recipe.

And here's how I changed it. First of all, I didn't measure anything. I usually don't. Second, I used walnuts instead of pecans, apples instead of pears, and omitted the Poppy seed dressing. All the changes were made based on what I had.

Also, I tried this trick I saw on Pinterest (where else), and am proud (and a little embarrassed to admit that Pinterest knows all) to say that it works. My lettuce was about to go bad, so I picked off the soggy outer leaves, chopped it up and stuck it all in a few mason jars.

Stay tuned for more recipe trials. From Pinterest of course.

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