Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Hulce kids

Tonight I watched these two hilarious kids. I took them to Chuck E. Cheese's where they gorged on pizza (cheese, their preference), blew tokens on silly games and rides, and then I helped them win some tickets for prizes. Kimball got a squirt gun and Sadie got Fun Dip candy and a ruler. Such awesome choices. Afterward, I broke out the sugar cookies and frosting and sprinkles that I brought from home, and let them decorate and eat them. Best babysitter ever. 

This next one is my favorite. So lurchy! I had him wear an apron, and it covered his whole body. Good thing, too.

Then we went for a walk. By walk I mean I chased them for 2 miles as they scooted on these little things. 

They had lots of fun, tuckered out, and went to bed by 8:00. I tucked them in, went downstairs, almost passed out from my own stench (remember, I was figuratively running around an arcade, then literally running around Carlsbad), and read my book. Marvelous.

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