Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks, SDG&E, for a lovely evening

Remember when we lost power in Solana Beach? It happened again yesterday, only bigger. Like, all of San Diego County, and parts of Mexico and Arizona. It was huge. And it lasted for 6 hours or so. I was at work when the blackout happened, and it was actually kind of funny and fun. We had to put patients in the storage room because the real patient rooms were too dark and it was the only room with enough light.

I drove home and the stoplights were out. The roads were pretty chaotic. I got home, read my book, and waited for Conrad. He got home and we barbequed some chicken, lit some candles, played Monopoly (a game which we didn't finish because it was taking too long) listened to our little wind up radio, and went to bed at 10:30 or so. The lights went back on five minutes after we got in bed.

And honestly, I'm glad we had an evening without TV or cars or noise. Even lights. Our candlelit house was so romantic. We did dishes by candlelight, even showered! I guess it's really nice to have a gas powered water heater - you still get hot water.

The whole night made me realize a few things:

  • It is bleeping hot without AC.
  • I am so glad we have a barbeque. What a good appliance when electricity is out! Ours even has a litte stove feature. I can cook stuff in pots if I need to. I also realized we should have at least one spare propane tank. 
  • I love our little wind up flashlight/radio. Another good thing to have as far as emergency prep.
  • If the whole world ever lost power in an apocalyptic state, the Amish and the Africans are the only people who would be virtually unaffected. Everyone was totally stupefied by the outage. I'd hate to think what would happen if it had lasted more than just a few hours.
  • So many people have it harder than us. I'm really grateful for everything we have. 

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