Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rice Pancakes

This is a yummy recipe I've been making for a couple years. It's really filling and yummy, and it can be made for breakfast, dessert or snack (or any other meal, I guess). They look like regular pancakes, but they have rice in them! You could make them by just adding cooked rice to plain pancake batter, and then eating them with syrup or however you want, but this is how I make them.

Like I've said in countless posts, I don't measure unless I'm following an exact recipe, so I just combine the following ingredients until I reach the batter consistency I like.

Bisquik or other pancake mix
eggs (I usually add at least 3 for a protein boost, especially if it's breakfast)
sugar (probably about 1/3 cup or so)
cooked rice

They would be really good for little kids to gum on because they have a fun, ricey texture, and they dissolve easily, and they're sweet. Try them and tell me if you made any improvements!

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