Monday, September 26, 2011

Things to Celebrate

  • Conrad and I are taking a trip! We bought our tickets 2 days ago, and we're going to Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina! We can't wait to visit our friends and see new places, and we're extremely grateful to be blessed so much that we can take little spontaneous trips across the country. 
  • Indian food. It never gets old. I'd even be willing to smell all spicy if it meant I got to eat Middle Eastern and Indian food all the time.
  • Clothes that fit just right.
  • Health.
  • Books. I've decided to make more time in my days for reading, and I've been loving it. It's perfect for winding down before bed, to read for 20 or so minutes. 
  • Friends. After not really having many local friends for over 2 years, I forgot how nice it is to go out with some girls and just eat sweet stuff and laugh really hard. I'm finally feeling like I have a group of friends I can count on.
  • Mason Jars. I love them.
What are you loving in your life?

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