Saturday, November 12, 2011

All the things

1. School started. I'm taking this semi-joke of a class that is mandatory before I can begin taking my real classes. So there's that. I've been keeping up. I've also registered for next semester. I'm finishing my degree online, so I'm a little worried about how responsible I'll be.
2. I've been working hard on my new business! I went office-shopping this week, and found a facility I really like. Now all I need to do is get a business license, a fictitious name license, do tons of marketing and professionalizing, take gorjuss head shots for my website, flood my schedule with more tutoring clients, and I'll be good. Except I won't have time to blink.
3. The kids I tutor are great. Such a fulfilling way to make money.
4. I've been making a good effort to make healthy meals at home, but that means I run out of food. Why can't my fridge and pantry restock themselves?
5. Conrad and I have done some fun stuff together: Led Zeppelin 2 concert at the Belly Up in Solana Beach (which was a riot), eating out at yummy places (hey, I can't cook every night), and being besties.
6. Planning lessons for Young Women. The lesson material is easy. What gets me every single Saturday night is making treats. I never think about it in advance, which leaves me making something really fast like rice krispy treats with some cereal other than rice krispies because I forgot to go grocery shopping.
7. I bought a bunch of books on amazon, and have no time to read them.
8. I'm determined to exercise more, but I don't really like to work out with people seeing me. So I've chosen a buddy (who I've permitted to see me work out, obviously), and early in the morning before work, we're going to work out at the high school track. No one will be there. It will be cold and awful and great.
9. I'm getting irrationally excited for Christmas. I can't wait to decorate my house. I've even make lists of presents for Conrad, certain siblings and siblings-in-law, and of course, myself.
10. Ninners is well. He makes noises and scurries around and lets me pet him aggressively. But man, does his cage get dirty fast. He's a little poop pellet machine.

Life is good. I love being busy.

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