Thursday, November 17, 2011

Headstart on Christmas

Conrad and I were going to get each other the same gift this year. He caught me in the act of making it, so the surprise was ruined, but at least now I can share it without worrying about him seeing.

We've been married almost 3 years, and still don't have a wedding album. We never got our pictures printed! So I had the pictures printed, put them in an album, and have officially begun my Christmas shopping. It was really wonderful to go through all the pictures and remember how happy I am that that day happened.

Anyway, when we first got married, we only posted reception photos and photos of the wedding party - all taken at my parent's house. We never posted the pictures from the temple, probably because they were all on an unmarked disc that went from box to box during 5 moves.

Here are some of those pictures.

 The Wilkinson grrrls.

 Conrad giving my Nana some sugar.
 Nana was a little emotional. This is her and my dad.

 My mom and Conrad's mom.

 My brother Ryan and me.

 My brother Lane and me.
 The Wilkinson kids.

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