Saturday, December 3, 2011

Decking the Halls

Conrad and I got our Christmas tree tonight. I discovered at the tree lot that Douglas Firs are much cheaper than Nobles. If you're wanting a tree, but not wanting to spend much, get yourself a good, 7-foot Dougie for under $30.

Ninners looks kind of evil, but he's just excited, which explains why he's wedged in the corner above his wheel.

We got our tree all decorated with lights and hand-me-down ornaments. I decided that a good wedding gift would be an ornament set. 

Here's my mantle display. Paper wreath, lit garland, 3 different stockings (only 2 people in this house. don't start speculating), and a little play sleigh. 

My house feels so cozy. I love it with the lights off, but all the Christmas lights on. It feels so warm and ambient. 

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